Pfizer Chantix Pack
What is Chantix / Champix?
Chantixô (Varenicline) is a prescription medicine specifically developed to help adults quit smoking. Chantix gives smokers a better chance of success than Zybanģ.

Chantix is different from other ways to quit. It contains no nicotine but works on the same receptors as nicotine. And it's the addiction to nicotine inhaled from smoking that makes quitting so hard.

How to Take Chantix
Choose a quit date when you will stop smoking. Then start taking Chantix 7 days before your quit date. This lets Chantix build up in your system. You begin by taking one tablet a day for three days, then increase to two a day until treatment is over. You can keep smoking during this time. Make sure you try to stop smoking on your quit date. If you slip, try again.

Some people need a few weeks for Chantix to work. Most people will keep taking Chantix for up to 12 weeks. Take Chantix after eating and with a full glass of water.

Chantix Discount Coupon

In late May of 2006, Pfizer, Inc. New York, N.Y. introduced the health industry to the most effective smoking cessation tool ever! This FDA approved tablet has been tested in six different, independent studies with each resulting in overwhelmingly positive results! What is the drug? Marketed under the brand name Chantix, Varenicline tablets gained popular acceptance among doctors nationwide for its fast, effective cessation of smoking in at least 98% of those who tried it. Why is Chantix so different from other stop smoking agents? Get a Chantix coupon on line and find out for yourself!

While Chantix discount coupons can be found online, it is important to know why you would try Chantix over Zyban and any other Nicorette gum, patch, or anything else that youíve tried unsuccessfully. Like those who desire to loose weight and deem it a mission impossible on their own, these individuals will try anything once, no matter what the cost! Smokers who are ready to quit go through the same type of process. This is an important fact: you must be ready to quit!

The reasons to try Chantix when even the other methods youíve spent a lot of money on didnít work is because Chantix actually works differently. While the other methods offer lower doses of nicotine than actually smoking a cigarette, the urge to quit is never curbed. It is still an enjoyable experience by all standards and, if you enjoy doing something, chances are, even if you know itís not good for you, youíll be unable to stop. By picking up a Chantix coupon, you can save money on something that offers low doses of nicotine to your system, but also does something better!

A Chantix coupon will allow you to experience the only way to quit smoking. The scientists at Pfizer know that smoking is an addiction and not just a habit. This is because the brains receptors that chemically process the sensations of pleasure, dopamine, are blocked. By blocking the receptors that cause a smoker to actually WANT to smoke, the urge and the addictive properties slowly begin to dissipate. This, coupled with the desire to quit and the low levels of nicotine that are administered using this medication combine to make a Chantix coupon worth investigation.

A Chantix coupon can save you up to seven dollar off the price of a prescription. Available only through your medical professional, the costs for taking the twelve week long therapy can range from $160 for a refill pack (which can be taken if the initial twelve week therapy causes the smoker to successfully stop smoking) to $170 for the first monthís packet. This cost might seem prohibitive at first, but when you do the math to find out how much a smoker has spent on cigarettes over the life of their addiction, adding in the amount of money they will spend through the life of their addiction, it suddenly seems like a very small amount to pay for a healthy new outlook on life.

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