Pfizer Chantix Pack
What is Chantix / Champix?
Chantixô (Varenicline) is a prescription medicine specifically developed to help adults quit smoking. Chantix gives smokers a better chance of success than Zybanģ.

Chantix is different from other ways to quit. It contains no nicotine but works on the same receptors as nicotine. And it's the addiction to nicotine inhaled from smoking that makes quitting so hard.

How to Take Chantix
Choose a quit date when you will stop smoking. Then start taking Chantix 7 days before your quit date. This lets Chantix build up in your system. You begin by taking one tablet a day for three days, then increase to two a day until treatment is over. You can keep smoking during this time. Make sure you try to stop smoking on your quit date. If you slip, try again.

Some people need a few weeks for Chantix to work. Most people will keep taking Chantix for up to 12 weeks. Take Chantix after eating and with a full glass of water.

What is Chantix?

There is hope for those who want to quit smoking now. Recently, the FDA approved Chantix, a smoking cessation drug that is very, very different from the others currently on the market. Pfizer, the maker of Chantix (also known as Champix in Europe) took into account the “triggers” and actual chemical reasons people smoke and become chemically dependent upon the drug nicotine, contained in all cigarettes.

The old saying that “you canít expect a different result when you continue to do the same thing” is something that Pfizer took seriously in their development of Chantix. The research is different so therefore, the result is different. In talking with people who actually ENJOY smoking, evaluating their habits and taking into account the metabolic effect of nicotine while it is in the body; Pfizer was able to convince the FDA that the active ingredient in Chantix has benefits to the general public that extend beyond the newly developed drug. Therefore, the red tape typically associated with these approvals was bypassed and now we have the best smoking cessation drug there is.

The best smoking cessation drug there is

Nicotine is a drug, plain and simple. Similar to the effects that alcohol can have on the body, Nicotine causes changes in our brain and its functions during the time that the drug is introduced into our system. This means that if you smoke a pack a day, you are constantly re-introducing your body to the nicotine, continually telling your brain that this function is expected. The brain relies on your ability to take care of it and therefore, adjusts accordingly. Just like our bodies crave certain food because we teach them they do, (fats, carbohydrates, all in excess) our brains are also taught that we need nicotine through our constant introduction of the drug to our bodies.

When an overweight person wants to begin to make healthy lifestyle changes, they make changes in habits, the types of foods they introduce into their bodies and the frequency and quantity of those foods. Likewise, Chantix helps to “retrain the brain” if you will and teaches it another constant function; one without the dependence on nicotine.

Chantix blocks the receptors that our brains use to tell us that smoking is “pleasurable”. These chemical carriers, “dopamine” are not able to reach our brains receptors; therefore, the brain no longer tells our bodies that smoking is something we enjoy. When our brainís introduced to nicotine while the body is taking Chantix, the feeling of “pleasure” is eliminated. This actually causes the dependence of our brain/body on nicotine to begin to disappear.

With the additional help of providing a VERY low dose of nicotine to lower the bodyís “need” for nicotine, Chantix is able to help smokers quit in ways that patches or pills canít. Zyban and Nicorette do not take into account the reasons why people smoke. They only work to lower your craving for the nicotine. The enjoyment of having something in your hand, of the feelings that dopamine (the pleasure chemical in your brain released by nicotine) can have over your body while smoking and the actual blocking of nicotine from getting to the receptors in the brain that continue to tell you that smoking is enjoyable are all “external” reasons why people smoke. These are the differences that Chantix DOES take into account. Ask your doctor about Chantix, itís the chance youíve been waiting for.

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